How do I pay my HOA dues online?

Associated Asset Management (AAM) provides community administration services to Valle Venado.  Make your online HOA dues payments through or download (from that same link) the AAM ALL ACCESS app which provides a real-time overview of your account. The app is linked to the email that AAM has on file for each owner.

What day is trash day?

Wednesday is trash pick up day. Put your trash can at the curb early in the morning (or the night before) and return it to your carport or garage in the late afternoon. Remember that trash cans and recycle cans are to be put away within 24 hours of the pick up day.

What day is recycle day?

Wednesday is when recycling is picked up. Put your blue recycle bin out in the same manner that you do the trash can and, likewise, put it away.

Where can I park my vehicle if I do not have room in my carport?

Carports and garages are set up for two cars to fit in There are parking spaces located near the large pool and vehicles can be parked there. If you have a commercial vehicle it must be parked in the carport or garage or the parking lot near the large pool.

Where can guests park in Valle Venado?

There are white parking spaces throughout the community for guest to park in. Guest can park in the blue parking spaces throughout the community also. Please do not allow your guest to park in the street. The streets are far too narrow for parking and, therefore, it is against the rules to park in the streets.

How do I get a pool key?

Pool keys are the homeowners responsibility. If you have recently purchased a home in the community you should have received a key from the previous owners. If you have lost your key you may call Associated Asset Management (AAM) and a key may be purchased by you for $25.

Who can use the pool?

Residents of Valle Venado may use the pools. If you have guest at your home, he/she may use the pool as long as you accompany the guest. Anyone under the age of 16 must have an adult with them to be in the pool area.

What hours are the pools opened?

The pools are opened from 7 am to 10 pm.

May I store items in my garage or carport?

Garages and carports are to be used to park vehicles and to store the trash and recycle bins. These are the only items that are to be stored in the carport. Carports have storage rooms to use for storage and the garages have an area for storage. Storing items in your carport is against the rules.

Who is responsible for pest control?

The common areas are covered by the Association. Private property is the homeowners’ responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, termites, bees, wasps and ants.